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Tradis - Agence de traduction et d'interprétariat

Translation and Interpretation Agency

Email Contact -  Tél : +33 (0)1 53 81 82 83


a translation and interpretation agency with a one-to-one business focus located in Paris, has been providing corporate linguistic services for more than 25 years.



right word every time

Internationalising trade and communication means adapting to the culture of foreign markets and international regulations, a must today for most of the corporate world, regardless of size and activity sector.


Finding the RIGHT WORD EVERY TIME in each language is our vocation

Tradis has been meeting your demands since 1989 :


  • By offering you multi-sector competence.

  • By proposing experienced, specialised translators who all translate into their mother tongue and qualified interpreters.

  • By guaranteeing reliable accurate translations thanks to a rigorous “quality control” procedure at every stage of translation and review.


With Tradis, you will benefit from all the experience of a specialist and corporate partner.


Together, we will define the best solution to meet your needs, based on a one-to-one business relationship.


Excellence can only be obtained by stringent requirements.

Quality   Efficiency   Rapidity

Strict respect of deadlines   Availability

Quality Charter
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Our quality charter is designed to ensure that our services meet your expectations.


Choice of translators

Our translators are recognised professionals in our fields of specialisation. They understand both the content and the language. To guarantee the cultural mindset of their country of origin, all our translators are native speakers.


Quality control

All documents are systematically reviewed, for both content and form, according to clearly defined procedures, based on years of experience and dialogue with our clients. All our translations are rigorously checked to ensure accuracy, pertinence of the terminology used and stylistic consistency.


Customer care

We set up a terminological database for each client to ensure consistency from one translation to the next. We see ourselves as partners who master the terminology of our clients in both the source and target languages.



We consider that respecting deadlines is an absolute priority.



All our client's documents are treated with the utmost confidentiality.

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