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Tradis - Agence de traduction et d'interprétariat

Translation and Interpretation Agency

Email Contact -  Tél : +33 (0)1 53 81 82 83

Our Services







with the right word every time to meet your requirements


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American/British English, French, Dutch/Flemish, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, Norwegian, Russian, Czech, Hungarian, Hebrew, Serbo-Croatian, Japanese, Arabic, Chinese (traditional and simplified), etc.

Our translators are specialists in their field and translate towards their mother tongue only.


We offer you a real choice of services adapted to your expectations in terms of quality, efficiency, responsiveness and confidentiality.


  • Rapid quotes

  • Wide choice of languages

  • Personalised translation styles and high performance desktop publishing tools

  • Ever attentive to your needs, Tradis presents your documents on the medium agreed upon and always uses state-of-the-art software technology.

  • At your request, Tradis provides electronic data management and storage of all your documents to facilitate subsequent updates.



Tradis works with both rare and major languages, whether European, Scandinavian, Slav, Asian or Oriental.



The right specialists

  and equipment

every time

          for your seminars, conferences and events...


Audiovisual transcription and translation of subtitles


Desktop publishing Multilingual websites On-line publication via your CMS and/or HTML 

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Choosing Tradis means calling on recognised professionals in the world of interpretation


Providing translations that will ensure the success of your seminars, press conferences, corporate visits, conferences and working meetings.



  • Simultaneous
    Translation from an interpreter's booth: the audience listen to the translation into their own language via individual earphones (extra charge for equipment rental).

  • Consecutive
    During a conference, presentation, press conference or interview, the interpreter translates for the entire audience after the source-language speaker has finished speaking.

  • Whispering
    The interpreter whispers into the required language when there are only two other people present.



  • Kit with a maximum of 50 sets of headphone and rapid implementation

  • Booths with mounting, dismounting, production start-up and technicians on the spot (France and abroad)

  • Acoustic equipment

  • Video, videoconference and recording


Other services

Tradis organises and runs your seminars and symposia. With you, we select the type of interpretation that best meets your needs and find the right word every time.

Tradis can also meet all peripheral needs relating to the management of your linguistic projects.



  • Transcription

  • Translation of subtitles



We format your translated documents using all types of software :

  • Microsoft Office: Word - Excel - Powerpoint - Access - Publisher

  • Adobe Creative Suite : InDesign - Photoshop - Illustrator

  • Desktop publishing: Quark Xpress - Page Maker



We work with Internet professionals and can therefore ensure direct on-line publication of your translated documents with all types of CMS and/or in HTML.

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